Beta 2S (more space) - Our Most Spacious Camper: Hire One Today

Beta 2S: camper hire with more space and premium look

Beta 2S: newer, more spacious camper. Hire one!

The Beta 2S is our newest, most modern and most spacious camper. Hire one and you'll be amazed how easy it is to drive. It's like driving a regular car, while it's packed with campervan features. It's perfect to stay at different forms of accommodation on your Australian road trip. Now you'll have the flexibility to have the odd night camping, or pull over for a sleep, or to make a cup of tea.

The camper that beats a rental car

Our latest innovation provides a newer, more refined camper with lower mileage, an extra long bed option (up to 2.37m long), more space, and reduced branding. The custom designed fit-out of the Beta 2S camper gives you more flexibility than with a rental car, while it has the same fuel efficiency and is just as easy to drive.

While big campervans and motorhomes struggle to park and access remote areas, the Beta 2S camper allows you to see more of Australia. It has great manoeuvrability and smooth handling on the roads with the added bonus of being able to camp out comfortably in camping grounds.

That makes the Beta 2S camper is the perfect upgrade from a car rental. 

Beta 2S Camper Features

The Beta 2S is the perfect camper to hire if you're looking for a versatile camper that can cope with the Australian weather and the road conditions. The Beta 2S will give you a good night's sleep. You'll be well-rested so you'll start each leg of your journey full of energy.

Sleeping Option #1: Internal sleeping (boot down)

Beta 2S camper sleeping options: internal

  • Sleeps 2 adults comfortably
  • All linen and bedding is included with your camper hire
  • Comfortable full-size double bed with the back door closed
  • Ideal in colder weather 
  • Smart design means you don't need to rearrange the interior to access your luggage

To set up the internal sleeping option: Pull out each bed leg from the main bed frame and place the bed board and mattress on top. This will take you less than 10 seconds to set up and dismantle. 

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Sleeping Option #2: Extended bed for 30% more space

Beta 2S camper: extended sleeping option

This is an amazing option that can be used all year round (though some may prefer in the summer only). Just open the back door, pull out the rear bed structure, add the bed extension and then put on the rear awning.

This will take you less than a minute (even quicker once you’ve done it a few times). There is a vented window with a large insect screen that can be zipped up or left open.

Portable Two Burner Cooker

Cooker Beta 2S

The two burners are provided with an easy to set up cooker stand. You can also rest the cookers on a picnic table or other external surface. A complete cooking kit is provided with a 20-litre water container.

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Smart camper hire: unique smart battery system

Camper with smart battery system

Spaceships are set up with a Smart battery system which powers the fridge and internal lights. This means you can operate the fridge while the engine is not running and most importantly you will always have power to start your engine again! The battery system will self-charge  as you drive.

This saves you money and gives you more freedom as it means you do not have to pay for a powered site to charge your vehicle like you would in an ordinary Australian camper van rental.

40% more space in the back

Beta 2S camper

Also, the large side awning will give you plenty of privacy and/or cover. Perfect space to sit under or cook under.

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Play your tunes: made for music

Enjoy a free entertainment system. Your Beta 2S camper comes fitted with:

  • quality CD/MP3 player
  • surround sound system (with 4 speakers)
  • iPod/MP3 cord

Listen to your favourite tunes as you cruise the open roads of Australia.

Large secure storage area

Camper with large secure storage

The main rear storage is accessed from the back and can securely store two large soft backpacks. We have improved the rear awning by including a large zip down area so you can access the rear storage compartment with the awning still on. The internal storage area is where the cookers, cutlery and cooking equipment are stored and offers space for dry food storage. You don't have to rearrange the interior for day and night time use.

Camper with quality fridge/freezer

Quality fridge/freezer in your camper

Camper hire for a relaxed road trip: enjoy your favourite cold drinks & foods. The Beta 2S camper comes with a quality fridge/freezer.

It'll also save you heaps of money while on the road in Australia. Stock up on food and drinks at a local supermarket. You'll always have cold drinks and snacks at hand, so you don't have to spend money on the expensive stuff at petrol stations.

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Beta 2S camper is like a good car to drive 

Drives like a good car

The Beta 2S Spaceship is a true pleasure to drive. It is compact enough to park in cities and in narrow laneways but is also comfortable enough to cruise long distances. It's perfect for you to explore Australia in. Camper hire made easy. Spaceships Australia will get you on the road.