Free camping in Australia: know where to go

Posted on 20/08/2018 by Spaceships Crew

The two most popular questions travellers ask when planning a road trip in Australia are:

  • Can we camp for free in Australia?
  • How to find free camping spots in Australia?

Therefore we've created this page with all the info about free camping in Australia

Our recommendations for (free) camping in Australia

Spaceships Australia highly recommends you use certified campgrounds, whether private owned campgrounds or camping spots offered in Australia's National Parks. Australia is a massive country with lots of wide open space, the rules and regulations for free camping can differ with every council.

Local councils can and will issue fines to people camping for free in non-designated places. It may be a cheap option for a night but that one night could cost you $200 in a fine or more!

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Where to go (free) camping in Australia: use our app and tips

Where to camp for free in Australia?

It is important you understand where you can free camp. Make sure to download the free Spaceships app. Then you'll have all info about where to camp for free but also where to find cheap campgrounds. Our app contains all the info you need on your road trip, including info about local deals, WiFi hotspots, road warnings and petrol stations.

The Spaceships smartphone app is free for all travellers. It's available for Android and Apple. It shows a wide variety of campsites, including the ones where it's legal and free to camp. It is worth having a good look at this and do some planning.

We strongly recommend that you spend a bit of time planning your trip and use one of the many great camping ground options available as much as you can. 


Cost of campgrounds

Australian campgrounds range from $5 per night to around $35 per night based on the services and facilities available. They are often in great locations and provide all the services and facilities you need.

If you get a powered site and have a mains plug you can charge your smartphone, laptop, camera and have proper bathroom facilities with a hot shower! 

Plus, you also get to meet other like-minded travellers, exchange travel stories and get good information from travellers who have experienced products all over the country. There are also hostels and budget motels and hotels located throughout Australia.

Free guidebook with campground info

Your Spaceship comes - on request - with a free copy (subject to availability) of the Camps Australia Wide guidebook. This guidebook contains heaps of information about all the main holiday park and campgrounds in Australia.

You can also visit one of our many Space Mates and find out the best local places to camp.

(Free) camping in Australia: leave no trace!

Please look after Australia during your travels. Leave no trace when (free) camping:

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimise Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Your Hosts and Other Visitors

More information about the 7 principles of camping in Australia can be found here.

Have fun out there exploring Australia. There's heaps to do and see. If you require further information about free camping or on what to see and do, talk to the friendly Spaceships crew. We have a wealth of information on the best operators and activity providers around Australia.

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