The best way to get close to the action of the WRC Rally in Australia

Posted on 22/07/2019 by Spaceships Crew

This is the time to start getting excited about the World Rally Championship or WRC Rally in Australia. You will never forget watching some of the greatest drivers in the world compete in this amazing competition through the toughest conditions on the globe. Come to the gorgeous Coffs Coast to watch teams worth millions from all over the globe to show they have what it takes to master the forests and open-country in an incredible sub-tropic setting.

Even if you're not a super fan or petrol head, experiencing the rally action at an event like the World Rally Championship is an amazing and unique experience. Watch the best manufacturers and drivers come to Australia to find out who has the fastest cars on our roads. WRC Rally Australia is an epic event. You don't want to miss the dirt flying, the cars speeding past or the heart-pounding excitement of this phenomenal event!

WRC Rally in Australia 2019

All details of the Kennards Hire Rally Australia as this leg of the worldwide WRC tour is called can be found below. The latest and most up-to-date info for this year's edition of the WRC Australia rally.

  • When: 14 - 17 November 2019
  • Where: Coffs Harbour (is where the service park will be located)
  • Categories: WRC & WRC2
  • What to expect: Many stages travel through dense rainforest and the low angle of the sun in mornings and evenings can create a ‘strobe’ effect as it flashes through the branches.
  • More info: official website
Rally Australia 2017 3 teghkalsi CC BY 2.0

WRC Rally in Australia is a must-see for petrol heads | photo: teghkalsi (Flickr CC BY 2.0)

Coffs Harbour: centre of the rally action

You will find everything you need around Coffs Harbour including the ideal spot to stay no matter what kind of budget you have. The spectacular Show Start Show is right in the heart of town. It's the moment where all vehicles and drivers are being introduced. A great moment to get up close with the awesome WRC rally cars and maybe have the opportunity for a selfie with one of the drivers or navigators. 

Grab a bite to eat, talk to the locals and get ready for the big event. Come early to relax on the beaches and explore the national parks before Rally Australia even starts. You can always find some action Australia style at the restaurants and pubs. There is something here for everyone.

Your vehicle for the rally stages

You will be covering a big area during the three-day event. You can access the spectator areas easily enough, but you will need a vehicle. You will have to drive gravel logging roads to reach some of the areas, which is best to do with a 4WD. You want to come to the stages a minimum of an hour early to make sure to get the best spots, the ones closest to the action. And of course, because there are limited options for parking by the spectator areas. Give yourself enough time to make the drive.

More than one spectator has been late because their GPS sent them to one of the stages of the rally that was closed. Don't rely too much on your GPS, most stages are clearly marked. You will need time to deal with any traffic and getting around the road closures. The last thing you want to do is having to rush.

The biggest advantage of travelling by Spaceships campervan when going to the WRC Rally stages is that all cooking gear is included. Make some coffee or whip up a quick meal to keep your own internal engine running.


Adding the WRC Rally to your road trip itinerary

The WRC Rally in Australia is super easy to add to your North Coast (of NSW) Aussie road trip. Coffs Harbour is right between two Spaceships depot locations: Brisbane (4.5 hours drive from Coffs Harbour) and Sydney (5.5 hours drive from Coffs Harbour). Make sure to add the WRC Rally to your itinerary and see more of Australia before or after the rally action is over. 

The stages of the World Rally Championship (WRC)

There are between four and six stages in the competition every day. Try to make it to two spectator points every day to be part of the excitement and watch the stages. You may be surprised how fast the cars go through the stages. You need to be aware there are hundreds of local rally series WRC2 competitors coming through every stage.

Every spectator point gives you a lot of action as the cars fly by. Some of the spectator areas are really remote. You will have a much better time if you bring enough food and drinks to make it through the day. You can also find facilities at the rally villages. The rally action will take you through the forests and gravel roads surrounding Coffs Harbour.

Get close to the rally action

Get ready for three days of heart-pounding action in three different sections of the Coffs Harbour outskirts. Go to the centre of the city every night to be a part of the special stages. In the past, one stage was held to the west, another to the north and yet another to the south of Coffs Harbour. You have to attend the Rally Australia spectating points. 

The World Rally Championship ends with the Wedding Bells Special Stage. Be a part of the entertainment and excellent opportunities for spectating the event from various viewpoints.

Rally Australia 2017 - teghkalsi CC BY 2.0

Get close to the action of the WRC Rally in Australia | photo: teghkalsi (Flickr CC BY 2.0)

The night-time stages

If you are like most of the fans, the rally action is never quite enough. Check out the stages held at night in Coffs Harbour. To be a part of the Super Special Stages, you will need additional tickets. The excitement of watching the cars run a few more times is more than worth the effort.

The spectator marshals

Staying behind the ropes at the stages and listening to the spectator marshals is important. You will be a part of an unpredictable but glorious sport. To get to some of the spectator areas, you will be crossing parts of the roadway forming portions of the rally stage. The spectator marshals will let you know when it's safe to cross. There can be issues with any of the cars during the rally. The only way you are guaranteed crossing is safe is when you listen to the instructions of the spectator marshals.

More reasons why the WRC Rally Australia is an awesome event


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