My first road trip to Blue Mountains National Park

Posted on 13/03/2018 by Karolien (Spaceships intern)

One month ago I started my internship at Spaceships. To really get to know the company and experience driving a Spaceships campervan I was offered to make a test drive with a Spaceship. As I am always up for new adventures, I started planning immediately. A road trip to Blue Mountains National Park it would be.

What an adventure it was! My housemate joined the fun and to take amazing photos of the trip to Blue Mountains National Park. Three days away into the wild with a spectacular and adventurous car called Marvin

Driving a Spaceship for the first time

The first challenge was to drive the Spaceship. Briefly, you drive a tiny house on wheels. Everything you need for to go camping is in the Spaceship. As I am from Holland, where we drive on the other side of the road, it was an exciting experience of course. Luckily the campervan drives like a regular car and has an automatic transmission, which makes everything easy

Getting to Blue Mountains National Park

It was so easy to travel to the Blue Mountains because we had a guidebook in our Spaceship. This travel guidebook shows where the campings are and which one are free and which one you have to pay a small fee.

There was a lot of traffic during the trip so we arrived very late in Katoomba, the chief town of Blue Mountains National Par. It was, of course, no problem for us to survive the night because we can sleep inside the car. We found a place to park the car and we watched a movie inside the car.

One of the services from Spaceships is that you have the availability to borrow some DVD’s for in some campervans. So even when the weather is bad you can watch a movie inside the van and still have a nice evening.

Amazing views early in the morning

Amazing views at Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

We fell asleep and when we woke up we found something amazing. By accident, we parked our Spaceship at a sightseeing point for the Three Sisters. We were amazed by the beauty of the mountains and this was only the beginning.

After checking out the Three Sisters we went to the Katoomba falls. We had our breakfast in the Spaceship because you have a mini fridge inside the car and cooking gear to prepare a proper breakfast. That is the perfect way to make breakfasts without the need to have to go somewhere else.


Next stop Katoomba Falls

At the Katoomba falls we parked the car in front of the reception and started walking through the mountains. It was so beautiful and everything was so peaceful. We just walked down the mountains and then we walked the mountain up again.

After some intensive hours we returned to the vehicle and drove away. We had some lunch and ate a typical kangaroo burger. After the lunch we went to the camping called Katoomba Falls to stay the night there. We made some food with our own portable kitchen and planned our next day because we also want to go to the Royal National park. We can go everywhere we want and we can see a lot of the world on this way.

Wattamolla beach and back to Sydney

Wattamolla beach

Wattamolla beach

To end this awesome mini trip we wanted to see a typical Australian dream beach. So we drove with the Spaceship to Wattamolla beach.

We bought just one ticket before we entered the beach and had an amazing time. Back to our Spaceship, we had to go back to reality. We were lucky because the traffic jam was gone and we drove home very fast. There is a cable in the car to connect your phone or iPod to the radio so you can listen to your own music.

Plan your trip to Blue Mountains National Park

Getting to Blue Mountains National Park takes 1.5 to 2 hours by car. Either take the direct route via the M4 motorway (1.5-hour trip) or go for the more scenic route through the Hawkesbury along Bells Line of Road (2 hours).

For more information about the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park check out the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

More photos of Blue Mountains National Park

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls

Karolien and Spaceship Marvin

Me, my mate & Spaceship Marvin


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