Campervan hire locations in Australia

Planning a road trip in Australia but don't know where to start? No worries. Spaceships Australia has depots in various major cities. All campervan hire locations are listed here. And keep in mind the advantages of travelling in a Spaceship: there are no hidden fees.

✓ One-way travel is included! We don't charge extra for that.

✓ Picking up after-hour is possible at most of our campervan hire locations (see below for more info)

✓ Unlimited kilometres, sleeping & cooking gear... It's all included. No extra fees here as well.

✓ Free cancellation (until 14 days before the day of pick up)

The price you see is the price you'll pay. That's the Spaceships promise. We like to make your road trip as easy as possible.

Contactless pick-up process - COVID-19 update 

The Spaceships depots are open as usual (see below). However, as of 17 March 2020, all pick-ups will be handled as after-hours pick-ups aka a fully automated, self-service process (read all about it). We will be running a contactless process to be able to guarantee the safety of customers and staff. Staff will be available via email, chat or phone 1300 132 469 between 10am and 4pm to answer questions during pick-up. 

We recommend watching the How To Use Your Spaceships videos on our Self-Service portal. Pick-up instructions will be sent via email the day before your scheduled pick-up. Please be aware, we are monitoring the situation. If your pick-up is scheduled weeks from now, things might have changed and could be back to normal. Please check this page regularly and keep your eyes on your email box. Thanks for your understanding!

Spaceships campervan hire locations

We have listed them in alphabetical order as they are all awesome places to start or end your road trip (did we mention that it's easy to drop off at another depot? There are NO one-way fees).

Click on the depots listed above and you'll see heaps of info, like depot address, how to get there, what to do in the area and much more. And if there are any questions, just contact our friendly Aussie crew.

Where to start your Australian road trip?

So many awesome places to choose from. Each campervan hire location has its advantages. We'll be publishing some interesting posts soon about why to start your road trip in Brisbane. Or Cairns. Or Melbourne. Or Sydney. Heaps more info is coming. Stay tuned, future Space Travellers.

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Campervan hire in Sydney: a great place to start your road trip

Campervan hire in Sydney: a great place to start your road trip