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Zero one-way fees at Spaceships. Easy

Hiring a Spaceships campervan means not having to pay extra for one-way campervan hire! Yes, that's right. There aren't any one-way fees. You'll save between $150 and $200 compared to other rental companies.

Transparency: nothing to hide here

At Spaceships we love transparency. What you see is what you get. When you book a one-way campervan the price that's on your quote includes it all. There won't be any booking fees, extra fees for driving over a certain amount of kilometres, road user fees, or local tax fees... It's all included. Easy as.

Save more, do more

To make sure you'll get the most out of your Australian road trip, we keep our rates low and competitive. You'll save more on your campervan hire when going for a Spaceship, meaning you'll have more to spend on the fun stuff. One way campervan hire at Spaceships is easy to book for everyone. Also for 18-year-olds and travellers who aren't used to driving on the left-hand side of the road yet.

Planning your (one-way) road trip

The moment is here, you've booked your one-way campervan hire. Your Spaceship will be ready for pick up. But where to go first? Check out our list of suggested itineraries. Or have a look at these road trip tips from the Spaceships crew.

East coast of Australia

There is a very popular route between Sydney and Cairns on the east coast. It's the perfect trip for every kind of traveller. The route is almost 2,500 kilometres long with plenty of stops to make to enjoy some time off the road. That's what a road trip is all about, travelling, seeing heaps, doing lots of fun stuff, listening to your favourite tunes and talking about the weirdest topics with your travel mate(s).

The east coast has a lot of tropical rainforests, beautiful beaches, modern cities and places where you can hang out with other adventurous travellers. Some popular places are Cape Tribulation, Cairns, Magnetic Island, Fraser Island, Whitsunday Islands, Byron Bay and Sydney of course.

The Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains National Park

Perfect stop: Blue Mountains National Park

Love nature? Then you'll have to visit the Blue Mountains. It's a 1,5-hour drive from Sydney, New South Wales. This beautiful area is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are a lot of lookouts, huge rock walls and beautiful waterfalls surrounded by enormous eucalyptus trees.

Probably the most famous part of the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters rock formation. It's three rocks standing next to each other. There is a legend from the Aboriginal that the three sisters were locked up inside the rocks by their father. He did this to protect his daughters against a mythical creature.

Gold Coast

If you rather combine sightseeing with being among people, then hop into your Spaceships campervan and head over to the Gold Coast. You'll find heaps of fun stuff to do: beaches, casino’s, theme parks (like Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World and Dreamworld), big hotels and an awesome nightlife.

It's approximately 100 kilometres south of Brisbane. An easy drive after picking up your Spaceships there. And remember zero one-way fees when you hire a Spaceship, so you don't have to drop it in Brisbane again.

Do you prefer more peace and tranquilly but still want to go to the Gold Coast? There are also a lot of national parks and national attractions to visit there. The countryside shows a lot of farms, vineyards, nature parks and valleys. It's the perfect location to go to. Tamborine National Park, Lamington National Park and Springbrook National Park offer heaps of things to do and see.

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