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Campervan rental under 21: what do I need to know?

You travelled a long way to explore this beautiful country of ours, so you want to see as much as possible. Makes sense. Well, the best way to do that is with a car or even better, a campervan. But you might wonder: is it possible to go for a rental campervan when I'm a young driver (between 18 and 21 years of age)?

Yes, you can! And it's super easy and affordable! We'll explain how and will go into it in detail. Just keep on reading.

Campervan rental under 21: easy with Spaceships

Relaxing on road trip with campervan in Australia

A super relaxed road trip

Exploring Australia by campervan is awesome. You can drive wherever you want to go to and simply sleep comfortable in the vehicle. This saves you time; you don't have to set up a tent. A campervan is hassle-free travelling.

Find a great (and legal) camping spot (use the free travel & camping app for your smartphone), park the vehicle, and it's time to relax. Have a cold drink from the fridge and/or cook your meal on the gas cooker that's included. Easy.

When you're sleepy, just expand the bed inside the vehicle or outside for even more space and ventilation.

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Advantages for under 21s when hiring a Spaceship

  • You can hire a Spaceships campervan, even if you're under 21. You just need to have a valid driver's license.
  • You'll have the same low excess, just like everyone else (info about insurance/excess options).
  • Our low fees include everything. No hidden fees and one-ways are included (no extra costs whatsoever).
  • Our compact campervans are like a good car to drive. It's easy to drive, even if you haven't got that much driving experience yet.
  • Sleeping & cooking gear is included, so no need to worry about that.
  • Spaceships campervans are fuel-efficient vehicles that run on regular petrol.

But there's more... Check out all advantages of a Spaceships campervan.

Check out the campervans you can rent

  • Alpha, the budget model in the Spaceships campervan range. It's a perfect rental for under 21, but also for travellers wanting to explore Australia in a cheap yet comfortable way. The Alpha can seat up to 4 people.
  • Beta, the most popular in the Spaceships range. A newer, fuel efficient vehicle with improved features. This one can seat up to 4 people as well.
  • Beta 2S, the premium and the most spacious vehicle in the Spaceships Australia range. It's perfect for 2 people.

Not sure which campervan fits your travel plans? Then use our comparison tool and see the specifications of all our campervans.