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Better than a relocation: flexible one-way deals

No relocation deals are available at the moment but we do have...

  • One-way trips without any extra fees: pick up & drop off at any of our 4 depots!
  • Unlimited kilometres: see more of Australia

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✓ Anyone 18+ with a valid driving licence can rent a Spaceships campervan

Want more than a few relocation days?
Hire a Spaceship: no fee for one-way trips

Spaceships campervans come with ✓ standard insurance with 3rd party cover ✓ automatic transmission ✓ free after-hours pick-up ✓ sleeping & cooking gear ✓ fridge... And more.

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Exploring Australia was never this cheap. Don't miss out on the extras that Spaceships offers!

  • One-way hire deals
  • Unlimited kilometres, unlimited days
  • Standard insurance with 3rd party cover
  • Travel & camping app
  • 24-hour roadside service
  • Cutlery & crockery
  • Bedding & linen

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How to get a better deal than a last-minute campervan relocation

Often travellers are looking for last-minute relocation deals to get quickly and cheaply from point A to point B. Relocations are a great way to do that but there is a downside. Relocations are only for a fixed amount of days, the bare minimum needed to get the campervan to another location.

Why? Well, that's what a relocation is all about. It is basically an error in the planning of the rental company. That particular campervan is just in the incorrect location and needs to be "relocated".

But for everyone that is looking for a cheap one-way road trip, which is what most travellers that are looking for a last-minute relocation, are after, Spaceships is the way to go. We are one of the most flexible rental companies out there. 

  • No fee for one-way trips. Never! The price you see online is the price you'll pay. There are no hidden fees.
  • You can create your ideal one-way road trip in Australia as there are 7 Spaceships depots to choose from.
  • You'll always get the best available price when you book online on our site. Promised!

And with all the free items that are included, like a fridge, all cooking & sleeping gear, you don't need to buy or bring anything. Just get yourself a cheap campervan at Spaceships and you'll see that it's better than a last-minute relocation deal.

And yes, you can even book your Spaceship last-minute. Although we do recommend to book in advance when you plan to travel in the busy summer season, which is between December and February/March in Australia. The early bird catches the worm, remember? Or in this case, the early bird will catch the best deal!