All campervan rental discount deals

Check out these campervan discount rental deals. All discounts on a Spaceships campervan are listed here. But no worries, all campervan discounts will be applied automatically by our supercomputer aka booking engine. You'll never miss out on the best deal on campervan hire in Australia when you go for Spaceships Rentals.

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Super Early Bird: get 30% off

Pre-book your 2021 road trip and get 30% off. Free to make changes. Book with confidence.

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20% Discount in Sydney

Pick up your campervan in Sydney and explore NSW. Check out this discount deal.

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10% Off Your Spring Road Trip

Springtime is road trip time. Get 10% off in Brisbane, Cairns & Byron Bay. See details & book.

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50% Last-Minute Discount

Get 50% off campervan hire when you travel from Brisbane to Airlie. Only a few left. Hurry.

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Best campervan deal in Australia

Check out all advantages of a Spaceships campervan. All you need for a perfect road trip!

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$1 per day relocations

See how you can get a better and more flexible deal than a relocation. Check it out.

New Zealand discount deal

5% discount in New Zealand

Never stop exploring. Extra discount on campervan hire in New Zealand.

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5% discount in UK & Europe

Never stop exploring. Extra discount for you on campervan or motorhome hire in UK.

Making your Australian road trip easier and cheaper

The award-winning Spaceships campervans are perfect for your Australian road trip. With pick-up and drop-off locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne you can start your travels in your favourite city. And with no one-way fees, unlimited kilometres and no fee for extra drivers you can have the best and longest road trip in Australia ever.

Discount rental deals for your Aussie road trip

Spaceships campervans are easy to drive, just like a regular car. All prices online are clear and easy to understand. No hidden fees. All discount deals that are active will be applied automatically by our online supercomputer aka our booking engine. Simply select your travel dates and you'll see the best rates available. Try it now and lock in that deal by sending a quote via email to yourself. 

You will always get the best price available, no hidden fees, and all discounts that are available applied automatically. It's super easy to book your discounted campervan for your Australia road trip.

What kind of discounts on rental campervans are out there?

Throughout the year there will be different discounts and promotions active in the world of rental campervans. The same goes for Spaceships. Discounts and promos all depend on the time of the year, supply & demand, weather and lots more variables. It's a complicated process. You will never know when a deal will go live. But once a discount deal is live, we'll always let you know when it will end, which can be a fixed date (deal will end on "date") or can be something like "deal is available until "date" unless sold out prior". It all depends on the type of discount deal.

Discount percentage off the daily price

The discount deal that everyone loves: a certain percentage off the original daily price of a campervan. Sometimes the discount applies to all campervans at all locations but sometimes it's more focused on a specific campervan category or road trip route.

Fixed amount off the daily rental price

Occasionally you will notice a fixed dollar amount taken off the daily rental price. It happens but its less common than a discount percentage off the daily rate.

Extra accessories for free

Another popular deal is the one where optional accessories are included for free. The paid accessories will be added automatically and the price will say zero or FREE.

Free upgrade

Just like in the world of aviation, in the world of rental cars or campervans, a free upgrade can happen as well. How to get a free upgrade? It's complicated as it is all up to the power of the booking computer. It's the same with free upgrades on flights. You never know when it will happen, but when it does it is a pleasant surprise.

Is there a promo code to get a discount?

At Spaceships, it's super easy to lock in a discount deal or promotion. You don't have to do a thing. You don't need a promo code or discount code and you don't need to know any special handshakes. It's all done automatically here. As soon as a promo is active on your travel dates and road trip route, our supercomputer aka booking engine will apply it. It will automatically show up on your online quote. Try it and get on today. You'll always get the best available price with any active discount or promo already applied. Promised.