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30% discount on campervan hire

✓ Pay only 20% now

✓ Travel after 1 Nov. 2020

✓ Free to change travel dates

Pre-book now @ 30% off

Pre-book your future road trip and get a 30% discount

✓ Book a road trip from 1 November 2020 onwards. No restrictions, no black-out dates!

✓ All campervans, all routes in Australia discounted, as long as you travel after 1 November 2020

Pre-book your trip now

✓ Only pay 20% now ✓ Changing dates before pick-up is FREE

No hidden fees: the price you see is the price you'll pay

Heaps included: ✓ unlimited kilometres ✓ fridge ✓ cooking gear ✓ bedding & linen ✓ additional drivers ✓ same low rates for young drivers ✓ no one-way fee ✓ no fee for one-way trips

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We're looking forward to welcoming you here in later in 2020 or in 2021.











Pre-book your road trip now

4-berth campervan with rooftop tent

The latest addition to the Spaceships Australia campervan fleet is the Beta 4-berth with a rooftop tent. It's the only Spaceship on the southern hemisphere that can seat and sleep up to 4 travellers.

✓ Share the costs of travel with 4 travel mates

✓ Or enjoy the extra space and amazing views from the rooftop tent when it's just the 2 of you travelling.

See the specifications of the Beta 4-berth with rooftop tent

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Key features of our Alpha (budget) campervan

✓ Seats 4 | Sleeps 2
✓ Fuel: 10-11 litres / 100 km
✓ Automatic transmission
✓ Double bed: up to 2.37m long
✓ Fridge/freezer (15 litres)
✓ Smart 12V battery system
✓ Rear awning

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See all specifications of the Alpha

Key features of our Beta (standard) campervan

✓ Seats 4 | Sleeps 2
✓ Fuel: 9-10 litres / 100 km
✓ Automatic transmission
✓ Double bed: up to 2.37m long
✓ Fridge/freezer (15 litres)
✓ Smart 12V battery system
✓ Side & rear awning

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See all specifications of the Beta

Key features of our Beta 2S (premium) campervan

✓ Seats 2 | Sleeps 2
✓ Fuel: 9-10 litres / 100 km
✓ Automatic transmission
✓ Double bed: up to 2.37m long
✓ Fridge/freezer (15 litres)
✓ Smart 12V battery system
✓ Side & rear awning

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See all specifications of the Beta 2S

“This time may be dark,
but all regrowth starts in the darkness of a seed.”

- Daris LaPointe

Spaceships come with more included for free

✓ Unlimited kilometres: drive as far as you like for as long as you like
✓ Sleeping & cooking gear: from bedding and linen to pots, pans, plates and more
✓ One-way trips at no extra charge: no extra fees, just one low total price (no hidden fees)
 Smart battery + fridge/freezer in all our Australian campervans: keep food & drinks cool
✓ Same low price, same excess for young drivers: anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence can hire and drive a Spaceships campervan in Australia

Should I book my road trip now?

Now that a lot of people are in lockdown or self-isolation during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, travelling around the world is practically impossible. However, it is a known fact that having something amazing to look forward to, is just that little bit of extra positivity that will make things easier for a lot of people.

And there are probably lots of travellers out there that are using this time at home, to plan the most amazing trip for when this worldwide crisis is over. Borders can be closed but that will never stop the urge to travel.

Most flexible way to book your road trip in Australia

Therefore, Spaceships offers the easiest way to book your future road trip in Australia. Just pre-book a Spaceships campervan on any future date between 1 November 2020 and 31 December 2021 and get a 30% discount on our already low prices (yes that also includes the Australian summer season, which is usually much more expensive).

Change travel dates free of charge

Whatever happens in the world, it's good to know that you can always change the dates of that Spaceships campervan booking. It's free to change your travel dates. It doesn't matter if you change 'em once or multiple times, as long as you change the travel dates before the scheduled day of pick-up. It's that easy.

This awesome deal is only available on the official Spaceships Australia website, not on any other website. Pre-book a rental campervan in Australia now and you'll be certain that you will be enjoying an amazing and super cheap road trip as soon as it is possible again to travel to Australia. That's what we call an easy and sensible investment in your future. The best thing is that you only have to pay 20% now (that's 20% of the total price), the remaining 80% can be paid later, even 1 day before the scheduled day of pick-up.

Rental campervan with more included for free

When you hire a Spaceships campervan in Australia you will always get more included for free: ✓ unlimited kilometres ✓ all sleeping & cooking gear ✓ basic insurance (with the option to upgrade to full cover insurance) ✓ 24-hour roadside assistance ✓ picking up and dropping off 24-hours a day (after-hours is a free service as well) ✓ free transfer from the airport to our depot if you hire for 21 days or more ✓ free to add additional drivers ✓ no extra fee for young drivers

Just to name a few of the stuff and services that are included free of charge with your Spaceships campervan.

Will we see you in Australia in 2021 (or maybe at the end of 2020)?

✓ Sleeping & cooking gear is included | Unlimited kilometres | Add extra driver for free

✓ Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence, can hire a Spaceship

✓ All low rates & discounts are loaded into our booking engine

Get an online quote

✓ Minimal info needed to secure an online booking. Just pay a 20% deposit, the rest later.

Booking online on the official Spaceships site is the easiest and fastest way to the best campervan hire deal in Australia: ✓ No hidden fees. No worries. ✓ Add additional drivers for free ✓ One-way travel is included ✓ After-hours pick-up & drop-off is a free service 

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