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Reviews of Spaceships Australia

Don't just take our word for it. Check out the reviews and see what other Space Travellers have to say.

Spaceships Australia has a unique social community to help you meet other like-minded travellers while on the road exchange travel stories and ideas on where to camp and what to see and do. You can access our support network of 21 Space Mates for local travel advice deals.

We hope this makes your experience in a Spaceship more social and you get unbiased information on what to see and do from locals and other travellers. This can make a huge difference to what you do and give you the confidence to venture off the beaten track.

Other travellers really appreciate hearing recommendations from people who have done it already. Share your travel tips and they may share something back in return. Use hashtag #spaceshipsroadtrip on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You'll find us there as well.

Spaceships Australia reviews: feedback from our customers

We love hearing feedback. Therefore we always ask customers how the trip in their Spaceships campervan was when they return the vehicle. You can see the reviews we received from travellers below.


Service was really good
Nov 18 2016
5 stars - "great trip"
We had a great trip driving our spaceship. It was the perfect combination of a comfortable car and it has everything you need for camping. Service was really good.
great experience
Nov 18 2016
4 stars - "miss CLIFFY already"
OUR CAR - CLIFFY (oh how i miss you already) Started the Aussie Trip from Sydney driving up the east coast to Cairns. We used spaceships Beta 2S (which we were kindly upgraded) & I would do this all over again if I could. I travelled with a friend and we had no problems with the car, sleeping arrangements were fine, Cairns gets a little hot but thank god for the awning which you can use on the back and open up the zippers. So travellers if you are planning on driving around this massive country USE SPACESHIPS, very convenient & provides you with so much stuff. Thank you Spaceships for this great experience we have had in Australia :D
amazing stress free time
Nov 18 2016
4 stars - "cuddling up with the DVD player"
Our Campervan was Barbar aka Bartholomew, we had an amazing stress free time thanks to Spaceships. We were pleasantly surprised with the deals Spaceships had with so many hostels up the east coast. We loved our camper and our favourite part of the day was cuddling up with the DVD player. We would recommend Spaceships to anyone.
fully equipped with everything
Nov 18 2016
4 stars - "Spaceship for 93 days"
Me and my mate hired the Spaceship for 93 days.. Yeah, 93 days alright! Had a great time with the camper, even though we had a problem with the battery we just gave Spaceship a call and they solved it the same day! Other than that everything worked out fine! Can totally recommend Spaceship and their camper vans - fully equipped with everything from DVD-player to cooking equipment. All u need for surviving, even out in the outback
mixed feelings about the organization
Nov 18 2016
2 stars - "one of the better options"
We rented a Spaceship for 85 days for our trip in Australia. We have mixed feelings about the organization; there were some good and some bad things.

First the good things. If you decide to rent a campervan in Australia and you want to watch your budget, this is probably one of the better options. It is cheaper than other firms like Jucy, Apollo, Britz,… and more comfortable than Wicked Campers. It has many things in it: cooking fires, fridge, dvd player, car stereo with aux connection, comfortable bed, A/C, cutlery, pots and pans, road book with camping places,… So all of that is pretty nice!

We had some bad experiences as well though. Our second battery didn’t work when we were not driving, so for the first part of our trip the fridge, dvd player and radio were not working very good. We had to get a new wiring system and a new battery ourselves and it took us a whole day. A couple of other things weren’t working when we got the car: Aux cable, one of the cooking fires,…

That last annoying thing about Spaceships was that when you get a fine they charge you an extra 75 dollars for sending you an email. But you still have to find out what the fine was for and you still have to pay it yourself so they really don’t do anything and still want 75 dollars for it. That’s a real rip-off in my eyes! We tried to argue with them when we delivered the car back but they didn’t want to listen, we couldn’t file the complaint and really didn’t help us! So we left with a really bad feeling although we really enjoyed our trip!
vehicle was AOK
Nov 18 2016
4 stars - "comfy to sleep in"
Hired Cappuccino Kenny for 2 months - picked up in Melbourne toured Vic, SA, NSW (7,000 kms in all), must admit being a "Lollie" (little old lady) I only slept in the camper in caravan parks that had powered ensuite sites. Found the camper comfy to sleep in, being away for 2 months and travelling solo, I opted to leave everything at my home base Bendigo and deck it out for myself, leaving the gas behind and buying a little microwave from Kmart and an electric skillet. So if there are any solo ladies out there thinking of doing a road trip - go do it girl. Awesome trip and you meet some nice people in caravan parks. Thanks to the guys at Spaceship, extremely helpful on pickup and return. Vehicle ran perfectly for the 2 months, did have the oil, water, tyres checked half way through, the mechanic said the vehicle was AOK.