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Reviews of Spaceships Australia

Don't just take our word for it. Check out the reviews and see what other Space Travellers have to say.

Spaceships Australia has a unique social community to help you meet other like-minded travellers while on the road exchange travel stories and ideas on where to camp and what to see and do. You can access our support network of 21 Space Mates for local travel advice deals

We hope this makes your experience in a Spaceship more social and you get unbiased information on what to see and do from locals and other travellers. This can make a huge difference to what you do and give you the confidence to venture off the beaten track.

Other travellers really appreciate hearing recommendations from people who have done it already. Share your travel tips and they may share something back in return. Use hashtag #spaceshipsroadtrip on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You'll find us there as well.

Spaceships Australia reviews: feedback from our customers

We love hearing feedback. Therefore we always ask customers how the trip in their Spaceships campervan was when they return the vehicle. You can see the reviews we received from travellers below.