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Travel info for your Australian road trip

Australia is massive! You could spend months, even years exploring its amazing cities, natural beauty, culture and history. Below is some basic but essential information we recommend you read.

Australia travel tips and hazards

Check out the Australia's Travel Tips & Hazards for more information. Whilst Australia is a very safe country to travel the climate and environment can be extreme & unpredictable at times. You need to be prepared and carry enough supplies if venturing into remoter areas. 

Drivers licence

It is recommended all travellers carry with them their full and valid country of origin drivers license as well as an international drivers license, especially for translation purposes. The different States in Australia have different rules. In order to avoid delays and or fines please carry both licenses with you at all times.

Travel insurance

Spaceships Australia strongly recommends all our customers purchase 3rd party travel insurance. Australia is prone to extreme and unpredictable weather events which can cause delays and road closures. Spaceships Australia offer liability reduction options for damage to our vehicles and 3rd party vehicles only. Please click here for further details.

Australia weather today

Find out all the information you need about Australia's weather at this great website. Australia is a very safe country to travel in with easy access and to all our attractions. Yet our climate and environment can be extreme & unpredictable. A little common sense and pre-planning will ensure you stay prepared. 

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