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Welcome to Spaceships Campervan Hire Australia

Spaceships are custom designed, award winning Vehicles that are like a good car to drive with more useful features than a campervan. Our campervans are available for hire from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. A Spaceships Camper is versatile, compact, fun and fuel efficient and backed up by our award winning and friendly customer service team.

With Spaceships, you are not alone whilst exploring Australia’s outer space. You will see other Spaceships and can pull over and swap DVDs as you go. This creates a unique community and also provides you with invaluable information on what to do and see along the way. We also have Space Mates – local mates around the country who provide a deal and a friendly face.

Pick up a Spaceships campervan today in either Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns or Melbourne.

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