Video tour of the Beta 4-berth campervan

Before you start your road trip in Australia, its good to get to know your campervan a bit better. Watch this video to see how the Beta 4 Berth works.

How to use the Beta 4-berth + rooftop tent

Meet the newest addition to the Spaceships Australia Fleet - The Beta 4 Berth with a rooftop tent. It is the only campervan in our fleet to sleep 4 people so great for families or small groups. The video above will show you exactly how to use the Beta 4 Berth. It is much better to watch a short video than to read a boring instruction manual!

What you can expect to learn

  • An introduction to the vehicle and the quick checks you should do before you set off!
  • Important information to prepare for driving – like adjusting your seat and mirrors
  • Familiarising yourself with the dashboard and controls
  • Safe driving in Australia

Features of a Beta 4-berth campervan

Our Spaceships are packed full of features – so the video will go through what you can expect to find in your Beta 4 Berth and how all the features work.

  • Lockable storage
  • Smart battery and USB ports
  • Fridge
  • Cooking equipment
  • How to use your cooker

Sleeping in your Beta 4-berth

Setting up the bottom bed – internally and extending with the Rear awning. Extending the bed out the back and using the rear awning is fantastic is Summer months. It not only allows for much more room inside the camper but provides great ventilation for a comfortable nights sleep.

If you plan to sleep with the internal set up we recommend hiring the mosquito nets that cover the windows. This way you get the added ventilation! Add these mosquito nets to your booking as an optional accessory. Optional accessories can be added at the time of booking or later via the Online Check-in Portal.

Setting up the rooftop tent

The how-to video will show you how easy it is to set up the James Baroud rooftop tent. The short version is: open the rooftop pod and let the gas struts do its work. You'll find the ladder in the rooftop pod. Get it, remove the case and attach it to the pod for easy access.

Keeping your Beta 4-berth campervan fit

Your Beta 4 Berth will be given to you in excellent mechanical condition. We do have a few tips to help you along your way.

  • What petrol to use
  • How to check fluid levels
  • How to change a tyre and check tyre pressure

Now you are ready for your #spaceshipsroadtrip

If you have any questions that the video hasn’t covered, feel free to reach out to our Ground Control team!! Have an amazing journey and be sure to share your out of this world adventure with us #spaceshipsroadtrip